Rates and Policies

At Shanea O’Connor Media, the rates determination process is simple. We offer a free consultation during which we will assess the scope of the project and recommend the use of an hourly rate or a flat fee for the entire project.

Hourly rate: $50

Flat Free Base Rate: $100*

*The rate charged may be more or less depending upon the time needed to complete the project.

All rates include research, writing, and analysis.



Upon agreeing to take on a project, ¬†Shanea O’Connor Media will send out a contract to the client by email restating the project, its deadlines, and the rate agreed upon. A contract signed by the client and Shanea O’Connor Media must be on file before any work begins.¬†


All projects include up to three revisions. Further revisions are dependent upon individual circumstances.


Payment for services rendered can be made through the invoice sent to the email address listed on the project form. Work completed will not be released in full until the invoice is settled. Accepted forms of payment are credit cards and Paypal. No e-checks please. Any payments made by e-check take longer to process and work will be held until the process completes.